Business English Games

Business English games for practicing your Business English skills for meetings, presentations, telephoning, job interviews, business idioms and more.

Our Business English games are listed below by published date, with the newest game first.

Project Management English

Learn project management English with Business English Pod lessons for working on projects in English.

Business English Pod has an extensive range of English for project management lessons that cover everything from project planning and execution to risk management and stakeholder communication. The lessons cover topics such as project planning and scheduling, risk management, project scope, budgeting and financials, stakeholder management, project standup meetings, leadership and motivation, project reporting, and project execution and delivery. Additionally, the lessons provide learners with vocabulary, grammar, and speaking practice, allowing you to communicate confidently and fluently in English for project management contexts.

Our project management English lessons are listed below with the latest lessons at the top.

Financial English | English for Finance and Accounting

In our financial English lessons, we cover a range of topics to help you succeed in the finance and accounting.

Within our core business English finance and accounting lessons, we look at essential subjects such as budgeting, company performance, taxes, and the broader economic landscape. These lessons equip you with the vocabulary and confidence to actively participate in discussions within your company and with clients.

In more recent lessons, we look at selling financial services, with lessons on English for finance you can use for meeting new clients and crafting compelling pitches to showcase your company’s investment services.

For those needing to learn basic English for accounting, we cover key terms and business English accounting vocabulary. This includes terminology related to the economy, basic accounting principles, and understanding balance sheets according to generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) standards.

Moving on to advanced english for accountants, we explore topics such as financial crises, bankruptcy, bonds, macroeconomics, stocks, shares, corporate taxes, and company finance. These lessons enrich your understanding of complex financial concepts and idioms commonly used in accounting English.

And our business news lessons keep you updated on contemporary financial English topics such as global trade, currencies, big tech IPOs, economic outlooks, trade disputes, inflation, and interest rates.

Our English for finance and accounting lessons are listed below with the latest lessons first.

English for Sales

Learn English for sales with Business English Pod lessons for sales English. Learn English for making sales calls, dealing with customers, attending trade shows and the entire sales process with our sales English lessons. Our English for sales lessons are listed by release date, with the newest lessons first.

Business English Functions Lessons

All lessons for Business English language functions. Our English functions lessons are listed below with the older lessons first.