English for Telephoning

This business English eBook on Telephone English features MP3 audio, PDF and online lessons on key English language skills for working on the telephone in English.

These business English lessons are also available in our English for Telephoning eCourse App:
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Telephone English eBook Course

  • Unit 501 – Answering the Phone
  • Unit 502 – Taking a Message
  • Unit 503 – Leaving a Voicemail Message
  • Unit 504 – Making an Appointment
  • Unit 505 – Discussing Travel Arrangements
  • Unit 506 – Checking on an Order
  • Unit 507 – Dealing with Customers (Part 1)
  • Unit 508 – Dealing with Customers (Part 2)
  • Unit 509 – Handling Sales Calls
  • Unit 510 – Handling a Problem on the Phone
  • Unit 511 – Dealing with an Angry Caller (Part 1)
  • Unit 512 – Dealing with an Angry Caller (Part 2)
Sample PDF Transcript Sample Quiz Sample MP3

eBook & Members: use the links below to access the resources (right-click to save MP3/PDF).

Complete Set/ZIP
Answering Calls
Taking a Message
Checking an Order
Inquiries 1
Inquiries 2
Sales Calls
Handling Problems
Angry Customers 1
Angry Customers 2

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