BEP 407 – Financial English 5: Comparing Opportunities

BEP 407 - Financial English 5: Comparing Opportunities

Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson, the fifth in our series on financial English. In this lesson, we’ll focus on selling a client on a new investment opportunity.

Some people would say that selling is all about convincing someone that they want or need what you’ve got. But that’s just half of it. A car salesman might convince you that you want a new car. But then he has to show you why his car is better than the others. And that it’s worth the money he’s asking.

Things get a little trickier when it comes to selling financial services. Investing isn’t just about the current value, but about how that value will grow in the future. So, compared to selling a car, there’s just a lot more at stake!

In this situation, you’ll need to do a good job of assessing risk and comparing an opportunity to other opportunities. You’ll also need to work with clients who’ve done some research. That means warning them against bad information and showing them alternatives. It also means reducing pressure on the client so that you don’t scare them off.

In today’s dialog, we’ll rejoin a conversation between Robert, an investment advisor, and his client Jessica. Robert is attempting to sell an opportunity to Jessica and steer her away from bad information.

Listening Questions

1. What does Robert say is the difference in risk between a classic and an alternative hedge fund?
2. What does Robert say about corporate bonds after Jessica mentions that she’s read about them?
3. What does Robert suggest as an alternative to corporate bonds?

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