For Business English Pod (BEP) Member support please use the contact form on this page or email: editor [at]

Please include your BEP username if you are an existing member. If you are contacting BEP about a technical issue, please provide as much detail as possible (file type/URL/Error message, etc.). If your support request is about one of our mobile apps, please provide your device details and the OS (ie. Apple or Android) and the name of the app (we have 5 mobile apps).

If you would at any time like to change the information in your account or delete your account, you can:
– Log in to your account settings here and then click on the account deletion request link and follow the onscreen instructions.
– Contact us using the contact information provided above.

Upon your request to terminate your account, we will delete your account and information from our database. Please note, this information refers only to accounts created on the Business English Pod website. It is not possible to create an account in our mobile apps for iOS and Android, only on this website. The login page in our “Business English by BEP” app is only for members who have accounts on the Business English Pod website.