BEP 299 – Sales English 6: Post-Sales Follow-Up

BEP 299 - English for Sales Process 6: Post-sales Follow-up

Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on following up with a customer after a sale in English.

In sales, your work doesn’t end when the customer agrees to buy what you’re selling. Good salespeople understand the importance of following up, of making sure the customer is satisfied, and of helping them understand their new product or service. After all, happy customers continue to be customers, and selling more to existing customers is easier than finding new ones.

How exactly do you make sure customers are satisfied? For one thing, you might need to reassure them that what you’ve sold them is the right solution. They might worry about quality or reliability, and it’s your job to tell them clearly that they have nothing to worry about.

But sometimes a customer has a problem with their product, a problem that you need to resolve. In this case, it’s important to state confidently that they’ll have a quick solution. Besides these kinds of worries, it’s very helpful if you can show the customer how their product works using clear language. You might also provide extra tips that improve their experience with the product. And finally, we often discuss things the customer shouldn’t do when using the product.

In today’s dialog, we’ll hear a post-sales follow-up conversation between Aaron, Eva, and Dave. Eva is the manager of a hotel with a new café, bar, and restaurant. Aaron has just sold them refrigerated coolers for the café and bar. And Dave is a contractor working on the hotel’s renovations. Aaron is talking with Eva and Dave to make sure everything went well with the installation of the coolers.

Listening Questions

1. What does Aaron promise when Dave points out that there is a “kick plate” missing?
2. What special tip does Aaron share on cleaning the display cases?
3. What expression does Aaron use to caution Eva against forcing the glass door open too far?

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