Guide to Using Course Builder

Course Builder is an online app for building custom courses from Business English Pod lessons. Use the advanced search features to find lessons, drag them into your preferred order, and save to your courses dashboard.

Here’s a step-by step guide to building your first course with Course Builder. You can also watch a short video explaining how to use Course Builder here: Course Builder Guide Video

How to Make your First Course

1. Go to the Course Builder homepage. If not logged in already, you will be prompted to login with your existing BEP membership username and password.

2. Click the ‘Create a Course‘ button.

3. Give your course a name and enter your objectives.

4. Set the course visibility to either Private (default) or Public. The default setting is ‘private’, which means that only you and the site administrator can view your course. If you set your course to ‘public’, your course will be published to the course list on the BEP website.

5. Click the “Create Course” button to save your course details and go to the lesson search page.

6. Enter a search term (eg. ‘describing trends’) and select specific categories you want to search (eg. ‘Presentations’, ‘Sales’, etc.). To search all BEP lessons, leave the categories unselected (or click the reset search form button). To list all the lessons in a category, leave the search terms box empty. Once you’ve entered your search terms, click the ‘Search for Lessons’ button.

7. A list of lessons matching your search criteria is now available below the search box. Click the green “+” button to select lessons to add to your course. Your selected lessons will start to appear in the ‘Edit Lessons’ section on the right of the page.

8. Click ‘Save Lessons’ to save your selections. You can repeat steps 6 and 7 until you have found all the lesson you want to add to your course. In the “Edit Lessons’ section, drag the selected lessons to your desired order and click the “Save Lessons” button.

9. Click the ‘Save Course’ button.

10. Click ‘View Course’ button to view your saved course and update your progress. A lick to the BEP page for each lesson you selected is listed on you course page. Your saved courses are also listed on the Course Builder homepage.

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