BEP 26 – Travel: Connecting Flights and Travel Problems

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In this Business English Podcast we’re going to look at the language used for more direct requests, when our traveler and a ticket agent discuss new travel plans due to a missed connecting flight in Paris.

It might be helpful to first listen to first episode in this series (BEP 25), to hear the language of polite, indirect requests, and then listen to this podcast, which uses more direct language for requests and suggestions. As you listen, also notice the more direct tone used in parts of their conversation, especially as Robert gets excited.

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BEP 25 – Travel: Airport Check In and Making Polite Requests

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In this two-part Business English Podcast series, we will be looking at the vocabulary used when traveling by air, and proper and polite forms of making and answering requests.

In this episode, our traveler Robert is arriving at the airport to fly from Sydney Australia to Nice, France. But he must first fly to Paris, and then fly from Paris to Nice. As you listen, pay attention to the phrases used for polite requests.

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BEP 23 – Telephoning: Handling a Difficult Customer

In a recent Business English Podcast (BEP 22), we looked at how to deal with technical problems when speaking on the telephone in English. Today, we’re going to talk how to deal with problems with the caller, which are of course much harder to handle! But, with the proper language and phrases, you can show the caller that you want to help, and reassure them that you can help solve the problem.

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BEP 22 – Telephoning: Handling Enquiries and Technical Problems

In this Business English Podcast lesson we continue our series on making telephone calls in English by looking at how to deal with technical problems and clarify information using alternative choice questions. This questioning technique is useful when you need to clarify important information or reach a decision.

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BEP 21 – Telephoning: Opening Calls and Taking Messages

A new version of this lesson is available here: BEP 21 A – Telephone Skills: Starting a Call

This is an intermediate level Business English Podcast on making telephone calls in English. Some of the key language phrases we cover in this episode are: identifying yourself and the caller, stating the purpose of your call and leaving a message.

These telephone calls are about a contract between a large aircraft company and one of its suppliers, also known as a subcontractor. The contracts department from the client is calling to ask about a proposal it is expecting from the supplier for a new contract. Time is very short for all the proposals to be received, and so far, the aircraft company hasn’t received anything from this supplier.

Follow this link for the complete telephone alphabet:

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