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Our business English meetings lessons cover a huge range of language for effective communication in English meetings. Whether you’re looking to confidently express your opinions, navigate agreements and disagreements, or make valuable suggestions, Business English Pod has you covered.

The early lessons (BEP 20’s – BEP 80’s) focus on the basics of English for meetings. These lessons address essential business English expressions for giving opinions, agreeing, disagreeing, making suggestions, and accepting or rejecting proposals. You’ll also learn how to clarify what was said and the meaning behind other people’s statements. We also cover language for opening meetings, managing discussions, and dealing with interruptions to give you a complete foundation in key language for meetings in English.

In more recent English meeting lessons we look at more advanced situations and skills. Learn about scenario planning, stand up meetings for project management, internal and external client meetings and discussing strategic concerns. Learners can also discover effective ways to lead group decision-making meetings and present coherent arguments. And with the rise of virtual teams and online meetings, we have lessons on video conferences, managing remote teams, and participating in meetings online.

You can learn business English for meetings with lessons on diplomatic language, business strategy discussions, brainstorming, defending your ideas, and even small talk before meetings. Learn how to argue your point in meetings, meet with vendors, and discuss proposals.

With a focus on useful language and phrases, vocabulary, communication strategies, you’ll be equipped with the skills and language you need for all types of business English meetings.

All our lessons on English for meetings are listed below with the latest lessons at the top.

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    Would you mind giving me some information about legal english, i made the training of legal secretary in french, now i want making legal english for secretary.

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