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Explore Business English Pod’s collection of lessons for navigating a job interview in English. We cover all the essential English for interviews language you need to handle your next interview with confidence.

Whether it’s your first interview in English or you’re a seasoned professional looking to polish your business English interview skills, we’ve got lots of lessons to help you ace your next interview. Learn how to answer common interview questions, discuss your strengths and weaknesses, and handle difficult questions that might come up in a job interview.

A good place to start is with our early lessons that cover all stages of an interview in English. Learn how to introduce yourself and use small talk to establish a rapport with the interviewer. We’ll show you how to emphasize relevant skills and achievements when discussing your previous experience.

Explain your accomplishments while acknowledging weaknesses and show what steps you’re taking to improve on them. Stay calm when addressing difficult questions and demonstrate enthusiasm by asking questions about the job. As you progress to the second round, maintain confidence and communicate your unique strengths. Lastly, when discussing salary and benefits during an English interview, know your worth and clearly express your expectations.

In advanced interview situations, such as a technical or behavioral interviews, it’s crucial to demonstrate your expertise and suitability for the role. Prepare by reviewing technical concepts or behavioral scenarios relevant to the position. Additionally, be ready to navigate difficult interview situations with professionalism, showcasing your ability to handle challenges calmly.

For internal job interviews in English or when transitioning to a new career, explain your qualifications and reasons for seeking the role clearly. Highlight transferable skills and explain how they align with the new position or company’s needs.

Special situations, such as online job interviews or telephone interviews, require adaptation to different communication methods. Practice using appropriate interview phrases and techniques for virtual interviews. Additionally, if it’s your first job interview in English, you can learn about common interview questions and confidently discuss your qualifications for the job.

All our lessons for job interviews in English are listed below with the latest lessons at the top.

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