BEP 25 – Travel: Airport Check In and Making Polite Requests

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In this two-part Business English Podcast series, we will be looking at the vocabulary used when traveling by air, and proper and polite forms of making and answering requests.

In this episode, our traveler Robert is arriving at the airport to fly from Sydney Australia to Nice, France. But he must first fly to Paris, and then fly from Paris to Nice. As you listen, pay attention to the phrases used for polite requests.

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BEP 24 – Teleconferencing: Using Diplomatic Language

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In this Business English Podcast we’re going to listen to a teleconference between the head office management of a US guitar manufacturer and the manager of their new Latin American plant.

Key language structures explained are: diplomatic language and using probing questions. We also introduce some useful English phrases for starting a teleconference meeting, interrupting and clarifying.

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BEP 23 – Telephoning: Handling a Difficult Customer

A new version of this lesson is available here: BEP 23c – Telephone English: Getting Action

In a recent Business English Podcast (BEP 22), we looked at how to deal with technical problems when speaking on the telephone in English. Today, we’re going to talk how to deal with problems with the caller, which are of course much harder to handle! But, with the proper language and phrases, you can show the caller that you want to help, and reassure them that you can help solve the problem.

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Business News 05 – Virtual Meetings

How do you conduct your meetings? Face-to-face, on the phone, by videoconference or maybe even using VOIP/Skype? Well, now there is a new way – virtual meetings, or meetings where participants are represented by computer generated characters.

Listen to how IBM is using the virtual world of a website called Second Life as the next best thing to in person corporate meetings. After listening to the article, we’ll highlight some of the new vocabulary and provide definitions and further examples.

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BEP 22 – Telephoning: Handling Enquiries and Technical Problems

A new version of this lesson is available here: BEP 22c – Telephone English: Making Enquiries

In this Business English Podcast lesson we continue our series on making telephone calls in English by looking at how to deal with technical problems and clarify information using alternative choice questions. This questioning technique is useful when you need to clarify important information or reach a decision.

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