BEP 131 – Presentations: Pitching an Idea (3)

This is the final episode in our three-part Business English Podcast series on pitching an idea to your colleagues.

In the last episode, we saw how a manager presented an idea to her colleagues and persuaded them to take it seriously. She then defended and supported her argument in front of her peers, who were not sure of the feasibility of the proposal at the start of the meeting.

In today’s lesson, we’ll introduce language for connecting your ideas to company strategy, emphasizing points, setting an action plan, and assigning tasks at the end of your presentation. Once you have convinced your colleagues, you need to provide a plan for getting the work done. We will show you how to use language effectively to follow through on your outstanding idea.

We’ll be listening to Jill, an industrial supply company manager. In the last episode, she did an excellent job of defending her idea and now her colleagues are becoming convinced that her plan is worthwhile. As the dialog begins, Jill is telling her colleagues about new technology that makes it possible for regular staff to update the company website.

Listening Questions

1) How much money did the company in Jill’s example spend on setting up their website?
2) What two things are mentioned as part of Pylon’s current strategy?
3) What job is someone named Harry chosen to do?

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