BEP 132 – Job Interviews: Telephone Screening Interview

In this Business English Pod episode we’ll be looking at how to handle a telephone interview for a new job. If you’re joining us here, you may want to check out BEP 82 and BEP 83 first to see how to talk about your experience in a face-to-face interview. Unit 301 from our Interviews e-book also gives a good overview of all our previous lessons on job interviews.

We’ll be listening to James, who has lots of experience in his field, but has nevertheless recently lost his job due to downsizing at his company. He has been applying for jobs and has completed a series of aptitude and attitudinal tests at an agency that is representing Xeon IT, a multinational IT company.

Angie, who works in Human Resources at Xeon’s head office, calls James at home in the evening to do a screening interview. She needs to ask him some preliminary questions to decide if he will be invited for a face-to-face interview at Xeon.

Listening Questions

1) Why does James want to call Angie back?
2) Why did James leave his previous job?
3) How long does James have to wait to find out if he has a second interview with Xeon?

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  5. We publish a complete PDF transcript (text) for each podcast and video on BEP. These transcripts, which we call ‘study notes’, are available to our premium and group members.

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