BEP 403 – Recruiting 2: Developing the Job Description

English for HR - BEP 403 - Developing the Job Description

Welcome back to Business English Pod for the second in our two-part series on recruiting. Today we’re going to focus on developing the job description.

In the current business climate, the competition for talent is fierce. People looking for work have an array of choices. And because company loyalty isn’t what it once was, people are apt to change jobs every few years. For these reasons, companies have to stay sharp when it comes to recruiting, not to mention retention.

So how can you find the “right” person for a job? Well, that begins with understanding the job itself. In our last lesson we looked at how to identify needs and changes to a role. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to develop a suitable job description, and progress on to the hiring phase of the recruiting process.

Developing the job description will require you to outline duties and responsibilities as well as key qualifications for the role. You’ll also have to describe the required experience and personality fit. And in the modern workplace, you’ll likely find yourself discussing in-person versus virtual modes of working.

In today’s dialog, we’ll rejoin Steph, an HR manager, and Maya, a recruiter, as they talk with Josh. Josh is a marketing manager who’s looking to hire a new brand manager. They’ve discussed the role’s changing needs, and now they’re putting together a job description.

Listening Questions

1. What are the minimum qualifications for the role as far as education?
2. How many years of management experience is required for a successful candidate?
3. In terms of personality fit, what two characteristics does Josh say are desirable?

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