BEP 85 – Tiếng anh bán hàng: Trình bày sản phẩm không chính thức

Trong Podcast tiếng Anh thương mại này, we’re going to look at the language of presenting your products and services to potential clients in informal situations.

Following on from our episode on hosting a site visit, we return to our friends at the railway tunnel. Stanley Wang is a site agent for a railway construction project in western China. He has just taken Matt and Paul, sales engineers from a small American company, on a tour of the tunnel. Hiện nay, in the evening, Stanley and his boss Bill Zhang are hosting a dinner for Matt and Paula. The group is discussing possibilities for future cooperation.

In many countries and cultures around the world, informal occasionssuch as a friendly meal or a game of a golfare more important to the sales process than a formal presentation in the boardroom. And so in this episode, we’ll be studying language for presenting our products in such casual situations. Đặc biệt, we’ll see how you can sell your products in relation to your customersneeds with a few soft-sell techniques.

Câu hỏi nghe

1) Were Matt and Paula able to go to the tunnel face, đó là, the end of the tunnel?
2) What is the main point of interest that Matt and Paula pursue in the discussion?
3) What are the advantages that Matt and Paula’s device have over traditional surveying methods?

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  2. This particular topic has given me a wonderful ideas on how to close a sale. It explains how phrases should be used in asking questions and conducting product presentations.
    It’s great, I learn a lot. Cảm ơn

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