Bản tin kinh doanh 01 (Bảng điểm) – Giao tiếp kinh doanh

This is the transcript for the first of our regular Business English News podcasts. We hear how people communicate at work and the different factors that can affect how communication takes place.

We suggest that you first listen to the reading and make a note of any English words you are not familiar with. Then read a copy of the article and see if you can guess the meaning of the words by looking at how it is used. Cuối cùng, listen to the explanation and discussion of the vocabulary and see if you guessed correctly.

Các thành viên: Bảng điểm PDF

6 thoughts on “Business News 01 (Bảng điểm) – Giao tiếp kinh doanh”

  1. Xin chào,

    When I was lerning for my english oral examination at the university of applied science in Zittau (east-Saxony in Germany), I found your website.

    Starting with the first News topic was not possible, becaus the link for the transcription was not correct you get the transcript for 4 but not for 1. Could you send me the transscript for number 1.

    Thanks for your help.
    Your site is very good to improve english skill.


  2. hello my name is Eduardo
    i have a question.
    I have an ipod and i’d like to download some articules about managment but i don’t where or how??
    is free? or do I have to pay for??
    Cảm ơn

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