Business News 09 (Enhanced M4a) – Reebok Launches Ad Campaign

This is an enhanced version of the first intermediate Business English News podcast on Reebok’s new marketing campaign. Now you can view pictures and text related to the article on your computer or video iPod (you should also be able to see the images on most video MP3 players and phones).

To download a set of study notes for this podcast ‘right-click’ on this link, select save target and then choose which folder on your computer to save the file to.

PDF Transcript: Study Notes

VideoVocab 03 – Marketing

This episode of Video Vocab by Business English Pod introduces 10 commonly used business English vocabulary terms related to English for marketing:

Marketing, Advertising, Brand, Launch, Consumer, Market research, Brand Identity, Public Relations or PR, Position and Campaign.

Premium Members: PDF Transcript

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