Monthly Membership

Our new monthly membership subscription plan provides an affordable way to access all the online resources on the BEP website and all the lessons in our mobile apps for Apple and Android. Monthly membership also provides access to a limited number of PDF transcripts for recent lessons.

Monthly Membership Benefits

  • Access all the online lesson modules (Flash and Mobile versions).
  • Access all the online quizzes (Flash and Mobile versions).
  • Access all the lessons in the BEP iOS and Android apps.
  • Access the PDF transcripts for recent lessons (from BEP 272 to present – see full list below).
  • Upgrade to full premium membership at a reduced cost.

    How it works

    As soon as you signup for monthly membership, you will have access to all the online resources on this website. You just need to find a lesson you want to study and open the lesson module or quiz link and then login to open the resource.

    Your login will also work in our BEP mobile apps for Apple and Android. There is a login page in the apps where you should enter your BEP username and password. This will unlock all paid lessons in the app.

    Monthly membership subscription auto-renew each month on the day you made your original subscription. You may cancel your subscription on your BEP member page or by logging in to your PayPal account.

    Monthly members can also access and download some of the recent lesson PDF transcripts. The PDF transcripts that are available to monthly members are for recent lessons published in the last 12 months (including recent BEP lessons). The selection of PDF transcripts available to monthly members will be adjusted each month so that newly published lesson transcripts become available while older lesson transcripts will be excluded. There is no guaranteed quantity of transcripts available and it is not possible to request access to specific lesson transcripts.

    Below is a complete list of all the lessons included in the monthly membership: