BEP 316 – English for Discussing Marketing Activities (Part 2)

Business English Pod 316 - English for Discussing Marketing Plans & Activities 2

Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on English collocations for discussing marketing plans and activities.

As author and marketing master Seth Godin once said: marketing is a competition for people’s attention. And in today’s hyperconnected world, that competition is really tough! Standing out from the crowd requires us to put a lot of energy into marketing.

The best companies spend this energy strategically. They direct their marketing efforts at the right people, with the right methods. And if you sit around a table with a good marketing team, you’ll need to understand – and use – the special language of marketing. For example, you might hear expressions like “to increase customer engagement.” Or “to capture market share.”

In English, this kind of expression is called a collocation. A collocation is a natural combination of words. Native speakers use collocations all the time without thinking about it. They don’t say “catch” market share, or “trap” market share. They always say “capture” market share. They remember the words together. And you can too. You can learn collocations to understand better, and to sound more natural.

In this lesson, we’ll look at collocations used to discuss marketing. We’ll hear a dialog between three people on a marketing team: Nathan, Camille, and Theo. In our last lesson, the team talked about market research. Today, we’ll hear them talking about some specific marketing activities. They’ll use lots of marketing collocations to describe their activities. Try to pick these out, then we’ll go through them later in the debrief.

Listening Questions

1. What does Camille say was the goal of the magazine and TV ads?
2. What type of marketing activity does Camille say they need to improve?
3. What does Nathan identify as the main purpose of the activity that Camille said they need to improve?

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