Skills 360 – Selling your Ideas (Part 1)

Welcome back to the Business Skills 360 podcast. In this lesson, we’re going to take a look at how to ”˜sell’ your ideas and be persuasive.

You may be full of great ideas, but exactly how do you get people to buy into them? How do you get people on board with your brilliant plans? Well, today I want to share a few tools and techniques that will help you do just that.

These tools and techniques have two important effects: they build connections and they build credibility. The connections can be between you and your listeners, but they can also be between your listeners and your idea. Those connections will generate buy-in. And that credibility can be your credibility and your idea’s credibility. You, and your idea, have to be believable and trustworthy.

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5 thoughts on “Skills 360 – Selling your Ideas (Part 1)”

  1. Rajesh Vinaykyaa

    1) When you mail your client 7 times in 2 days, using his/her name is how much important?
    2) When you meet your client in person and be with him for 7 hrs. Do we need to to use his first name all the times talking to him?

  2. Rajesh, if you’re talking to your client in person and will be with him for 7 hours, you don’t need to use his name every single time. But use it enough to make him feel that he’s a valued and important client.

    If you’re emailing him, consider using it at the start of each email. For example, you might say, “Hi John. Here is the information you need.”

  3. i find this pod cast very informative. I am looking forward to learn more.
    thank you for uploading.

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