BEP 153 – Management English: Motivating your Team (1)

Management English - Motivating your Team 1

This is the the first of a two-part Business English Pod series on motivating your team.

Motivation is an important force in business. Much of what gets accomplished is driven by a team’s motivation. When employees feel energized about a project, they’re more likely to contribute ideas and work hard toward success. But if they’re not motivated, their commitment – and the chances of success – diminish.

Sometimes, motivation is difficult to achieve. Circumstances such as a poor economy or downsizing can devastate employee morale, or optimism. Employees may feel defeated, uncertain about their future, and not at all excited about the work ahead.

In this lesson, we’ll look at some ways to motivate your team. We’ll discuss how to acknowledge obstacles that may hold a team back. We’ll cover ways to convey enthusiasm and make people feel valued. And we’ll talk about how team members can contribute to the discussion and brainstorm.

Today we’ll listen to Joe, a manager at a resort, try to motivate his sales team. The department has been downsized considerably and morale is low. Still, they have important work to do.

Listening Questions:

1. Why does Joe say that the team looks different now?
2. What idea does Carl suggest?
3. What is Nick’s idea?

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4 thoughts on “BEP 153 – Management English: Motivating your Team (1)”

  1. I really enjoyed listening to this lesson. It was very helpful. I learned many example how I should express myself. Thank you!

  2. juan uriel ibarra sanchez

    This article is very good and can learn many things about the behavior of employees and their motivation to work

  3. Dear all,
    I just would like to thank you for the great job you’re doing with the Business English Pod!
    I’ve been through a downsizing experience last year after working as a bilingual executive secretary for almost 10 years. Now I am getting ready for a new job opportunity and Business English Pod is helping me a lot!!
    Best regards,
    Brasília,DF – Brazil

  4. This was my first session and I really found it very useful and informative. I can certainly see me using these strategies with my team.

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