BEP 270 – Brainstorming Meetings (Part 1)

Business English for Brainstorming Meetings 1

Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on running a brainstorming meeting.

Brainstorming sessions can be a great way to generate new ideas, whether you’re naming a new product, thinking of ways to cut costs, or figuring out ways of solving tricky business problems. But running – and participating in – a brainstorming session can be a challenge. Groups need to feel comfortable and open, but still maintain focus. And everyone involved needs be diplomatic about how they suggest and respond to ideas.

Fortunately, there are techniques and language that you can use to make brainstorming more effective. Today we’ll look at some of this language. We’ll cover language the facilitator can use to invite new ideas, ask for clarification, and qualify ideas. And we’ll also look at useful techniques for participating, such as building on someone else’s idea and introducing new ones.

In the dialog, we’ll hear several people who work at a coffee shop in a busy commercial area. The shop is facing increased competition and they want to brainstorm ways of attracting new customers and keeping their current customers coming back. The brainstorming session is being led by Sally, who’s the manager of the shop. We’ll also hear Melissa, Noah, and Eric, who are employees.

Listening Questions

1. Noah mentions an loyalty program. Melissa uses this idea to introduce another one. What is it?
2. What new idea does Eric introduce that relates to “relationships and such?”
3. How does Sally respond to Eric’s new idea?

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  1. Having been a Premium Member of the BEP site for over 2 years, this is my first comment here. This lesson is helpful just as tons of other lessons. Being a Premium Member surely has its value – full access to all the downloadable course materials. It’s been great learning experience for me as the majority of the lesson content is useful and can be applied to real working environment. When I have time outside work, I often come here to brush up on my English and learn more expressions and vocabulary. This has been a great help to me so far though I still under-utilize the resources here. Highly recommended to everyone who wants to improve their English skills. Thank you for all the great…

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