BEP 115 – Presentations: Describing Trends

In this episode from our e-Book on presenting in English, we’ll look at how to describe the trends show by a chart or graph. To get the background to the presentation and to review language for introducing visuals, you can refer back to BEP 103 – Charts and Trends 1.

A trend is the general direction or tendency of a metric or measurement – upward, downward, flat, fluctuating, peaking, bottoming out, and so on. So, you’ll be learning how to use these and many more terms for describing your charts and graphs in fluent, vivid sentences so that you can present your data with maximum impact.

Pat, Ambient’s new Central European finance director, has just finished talking about sales revenue and is now moving on to discuss market share. The visual he will be talking about is a line graph that compares the trends in market share over the last six quarters from Q1 2006 to Q2 2007. His discussion centers on the top three players in the mobile phone business – his own company, Ambient, and their two top competitors, CallTell and Sirus.

As you listen, pay attention to the trend language that Pat uses to describe the recent changes in the market.

Listening Questions

1) Which company has the largest share of the market at the beginning of 2006?
2) How does Pat describe his own company’s performance in 2006?
3) How big is the “others” group share of the market in Spring 2007?

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