Email Tune-up 01 – Business English Emails

Today, we’re launching a new English video series on writing emails in English: Email Tune-up

YouTube video

Each video will feature a review of a real-life email from one of our members. After reviewing the background and contents of the email, we’ll then see what improvements we can make by analyzing the writing according to 3 main criteria:

1. Mechanics – the grammar, punctuation, spelling and layout of the email.
2. Style – the use of vocabulary and the way sentences are structured.
3. Tone – the overall impression, or feeling, the text creates.

After reviewing and editing the email, we’ll go over some tips for improving your writing and then we’ll finish off with a writing task so you can practice.

Premium Members: PDF Transcript

Download: Podcast Video

12 thoughts on “Email Tune-up 01 – Business English Emails”

  1. This is exactly what I was looking for! This is a fantastic idea! Could you please add some more?

  2. Hi I love this idea ,
    It would give me invaluable source of ideas to improve my business writing skills. I would like to see more video podcasts like this.

  3. It is definitely a great source for English teachers as well as for language learners. All the materials chosen from learners themselves are authentic and meaningful. The analysis based on the three main criteria is also clear and helpful. Very good job, indeed! Thank you!

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