BEP 29 – Meetings: Disagreeing in English

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In the previous episode (BEP 28) of this 2 part series, we looked at expressing agreement. We practiced four ways of agreeing: Using standard phrases, using synonyms, giving an example and making a general comment.

In this Business English Podcast, we’re going to focus on disagreement. We’ll learn different ways to disagree in English, from polite to strong.

As you’ll remember, the listening takes place in the R&D department of PharmaTek, a pharmaceutical company. Pharmaceutical means medicine (or drug). This meeting is between Gene, the head scientist, and Louis and Karina, two researchers. They are talking about the results of a new trial. Here, “trial” means “test” – the test of a new medicine on animals or patients. The new medicine is called Zorax.

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  5. I’d prefer reading in my native language, because my knowledge of your languange is no so well.

  6. Hi, thank so much for these clear and effective lesons, I have learned a lot of new vocabularies and got known their meaning in context

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