BEP 23c – Điện thoại tiếng Anh: Bắt đầu hành động

BEP23c Telephone English - Bắt đầu hành động - Mô-đun bài học

Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on how to get action over the điện thoại bằng tiếng anh.

Being productive at work means getting stuff done. And sometimes to get our own work done, we need other people to get things done. So when you need action from someone, what’s the best or quickest way to get it? Tốt, often we just pick up the phone and call the person.

Và bạn nói cái gì? Is it okay to just come out and say “hey, do this” or “hi, do that?” Not really. You need to be firm and direct, but not that firm and direct. You might need to emphasize how important the issue is. Kế tiếp, you might lead into the main issue before you actually talk about what you want or need done.

Nhưng đó không phải là tất cả! If you want action, you want to make absolutely sure you’re going to get it. That’s why you might ask for a guarantee, which is like a promise from the other person. Và cuối cùng, just to be 100% sure, you should finish off by confirming the action. Theo cách này, you’re not being too direct or bossy, but you’re still firmly doing more than just making a polite request.

Trong cuộc đối thoại hôm nay, we’ll hear Nathan, who works for an aircraft company called Cyclops. Nathan is calling George at a company called Airtronics. Nathan is calling because he wants to get action on a proposal from George. Cụ thể hơn, he wants to make sure George is going to submit the proposal to Cyclops today.

Câu hỏi nghe

1. Why does Nathan think it’s important for George to submit a proposal today?
2. What important question does Nathan ask that relates to whether George can complete his proposal?
3. Near the end of the conversation, Nathan asks George to do something just to confirm that the proposal is being sent. What does he ask George to do?

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4 thoughts on “BEP 23c – Điện thoại tiếng Anh: Bắt đầu hành động”

  1. thank you so much for your wonderful podcasts,
    Tuy nhiên, i have a request.

    would you please use different hosts for BEPs,

    tất nhiên, Edwin is great but i think hearing different

    accents is essential to learning English.

    again, many thanks for your great site.

  2. Thanks for the feedback hadi. We do use Ed quite a lot but we also have 2 other hosts: Tim and Leon and in the existing lessons you can hear 4 other hosts (Jennifer, Clayton, Jeff and Atelie). I’m always on the look out for new hosts (would be good to have a regular female host too), but it is actually quite difficult to find people who can deliver in a natural style as that generally goes against everything a recording artist is usually required to do. Availability and scheduling are also further hurdles. So it’s quite hard to find suitable voices, but we are always on the look out.

  3. CHÀO, thank you so much for offering this awesome products,
    it’s really helpful and I’ve been using for one year and just renew my subscription.

    But I got one question concerned with the mobile service.
    I can find the PDF study notes on my laptop(website), but never be able to find it out on my phone(app).

    Could you kindly add it, it would be really nice.

    Thank you and kudos to you!


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