925Tiếng Anh – Bài học 1: Cách nói xin chào bằng tiếng Anh

925Bài học tiếng Anh 1 - Cách nói xin chào bằng tiếng Anh

This is a preview lesson from 925 Tiếng Anh, a new series we’ll launch next year. Đủ thích hợp, we’re kicking off with a 925 bài học tiếng Anh on how to greet and say hello to colleagues and customers in English.

925English a new business English series for beginners (CEFR A1-A2) and lower intermediate (B1) Người học tiếng anh. 925 Các bài học tiếng Anh tập trung vào khối ngôn ngữ và cách diễn đạt tiếng Anh mà bạn có thể sử dụng trong công việc và kinh doanh. We get straight to the point with lots of examples. We give you phrases you can say in different situations and advice on why and how to use them.

Vì thế, it’s pretty easy to greet someone in English, phải không? We can say “good morning” or “hello” or just “hi.” And we might add something like “my name is Tim Smith,” or a question like “how’s it going?” But what’s the difference? How do we choose which greeting to use? Tốt, trong kinh doanh, like in life, it depends on the situation. That includes who we’re talking to and where we’re having the conversation. So let’s go through three situations and practice some appropriate ways of saying hello.

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4 thoughts on “925English – Bài học 1: Cách nói xin chào bằng tiếng Anh”

  1. @Wen great question… “set-uprefers to the organization or layout of something, in this case the layout and decoration of the room for the party. Và “quite the…” means impressive or very good, Ví dụ, Jenny is quite the presenter, meaning Jenny is a very good presenter.

    So what Amber means when she says, “Quite the set-up in here isn’t it?” is the decoration of the room is very impressive.

    Thanks for asking this question Wen, I’m sure a lot of learners weren’t sure about this too.

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