Tin tức tiếng Anh thương mại 31 – Huy động vốn từ cộng đồng

BẾN 31 - Huy động vốn từ cộng đồng

Trong ngày hôm nay Bài học tiếng Anh thương mại, we look at new methods of raising capital for startups.

Huy động vốn từ cộng đồng, the idea of gathering lots of small contributions from individuals to finance a company or a project, is one of the latest buzzwords to hit the business world. Born as a result of the economic crisis where access to financing from traditional sources is increasingly difficult, crowdfunding is another avenue to secure funds for entrepreneurial ventures; as This is Money explains:

Until recently, financing a business involved asking a few people for big sums of money. Crowdfunding is turning this idea on its head, using the Internet to help entrepreneurs talk to thousandsif not millionsof potential funders who each contribute a small amount.

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