Trò chơi và câu đố tiếng Anh thương mại

Fun Business English Games

Now learning Business English with Business English Pod is more fun than ever. Practice language and vocabulary from our podcast lessons with fun Trò chơi tiếng Anh thương mại. Our first game reviews idioms from our recent series on money idioms.

8 thoughts on “Business English Games and Quizzes

  1. yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    I got a millionaire!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nhưng,it’s really so hard to choose correct options.

    I thinks that because I am a Taiwanese.

    hahahahaha,Cảm ơn!!

  2. waw.. so great geamhmmmm can I have this game in my PC, cause i really want to use it as my media to teach my my classroom. i tried to downloadm but I’m not sucessfull.. can you tell me please?

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