BEP 79 – Du lịch: Đặt phòng khách sạn

Today’s Business English Podcast lesson is on making a hotel reservation.

It’s something all of us need to do: Whether it’s for a company business trip, or for personal travelwe all need to, at some time or another, call a hotel to reserve a room. Tất nhiên rồi, making reservations is not only useful for hotels but also for all sorts of situationsconferences, restaurants, airplane travel, and any other type of event that requires us to book in advance.

That is the skill that we will be practicing in this episodemaking reservations. Dọc đường, we’ll also be learning vocabulary for staying in hotels.

Trong nghe, Sarah Johnson is going on vacation with her husband. She calls the reservations desk at the Majestic Hotel in New York, where a staff member, Tony, picks up the phone. Khi bạn lắng nghe, pay attention to the language Sarah uses, and try to answer the following questions.

Câu hỏi nghe

1) What kind of room does Sarah want?
2) What extra request does Sarah have?
3) Tony makes a mistake while taking Sarah’s reservation. Nó là gì?

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