БЭП 196 – Проведение обучения (Часть 1)

This is the first of a two-part Business English Pod lesson on delivering workplace training in English.

At some point in our work, we all have to teach others how to do something or explain a certain topic. So how can we do this effectively? How can you make sure that the participants are following what you say, focused on what you want, and reaching the outcomes you expect?

The skills you need to deliver effective training will help you in other ways too. Whether you’re giving a presentation or making a sales pitch, there are lots of techniques and language that overlap.

We’ll learn some of these techniques today. We’ll look at language you can use to connect the topic to people’s experience and create a sense of inclusion. We’ll also look at organizational issues, like outlining your topics, establishing objectives, and transitioning to a new topic.

В этом эпизоде, we’ll hear a trainer named Zack. He’s delivering the first of a series of workshops on customer service. You’ll also hear a couple of the participants, Ian and Nicole, as they interact with Zack.

Вопросы для прослушивания

1. What experience did Ian have recently?
2. What is the goal of the training course?
3. What does Zack say is the first thing they’ll talk about?

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  1. i lovvve it , i appreciate that you offer a good stage for us . i’m moved ,really .for some of us usually feel upset about busniess English . now we have this one not only we can practice but also enhance our basis .many thanks .

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