Представлять для успеха

Представлять на английском eBook features MP3 audio, PDF and online quizzes on essential English language and skills for making presentations in English.

These English for presentations lessons are also available in our Английский для презентаций Приложение eCourse:
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Presenting in English eBook

  • Представляем вашу презентацию
  • Указатель вашей презентации
  • Описание визуальных элементов и диаграмм
  • Говоря о тенденциях и темпах изменений
  • Интерпретация тенденций – делать прогнозы
  • Используя свой голос
  • Пауза и стресс
  • Подведение итогов и завершение
  • Обработка вопросов и ответов
  • Представление SWOT-анализа

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Представлять для успеха (2второе издание)
Онлайн викторины
Полный комплект / ZIP
Установка дорожных знаков
Графики & тенденции 1
Графики & тенденции 2
Графики & тенденции 3
Голосовая Техника
Подведение итогов
Q & А 1
Q & А 2
Анализ SWOT 1
Анализ SWOT 2

8 thoughts on “Presenting for Success

  1. Alfred Haenlein, University Mainz, Germany

    This ebook on “Презентации” is a brilliant idea and very well implemented. The structure and content of the book are very practical and pedagocially well planned, the podcasts are truly inspiringan excellent tool for learners of English for business communication.

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  3. Only just had a peep.
    I have already been using parts of BEP and it has gone down well with my clients. I think they will learn and enjoy this.
    My clients love the interactive unit quiz.
    BEP gives me a good framework for lots.
    Keep it up

  4. The Website is an extremely useful tool to use both as a foundation for a Business communication course design and and for planning separate lessons. Кроме, it’s simply great pleasure to work with it.
    Regina Kuzmenkova
    ESL Instructor,
    California State University East Bay,
    American Language Program

  5. Привет, I just thought I’d mention that I did finish this book. EXCELLENT!!! Однако, I definately prefer the previous design in HTML. The Gap fill part of the lesson (in HTML) is far better.
    Would it be possible to give the users a choice?


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