В.В. 08 – Словарь по управлению проектами (Часть 2)

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Видео Vocab серия коротких видеороликов, объясняющих значение важных бизнес-терминов, связанных со многими темами, которые являются частью повседневных деловых бесед.

Мы продолжаем наш взгляд на словарь, связанный с управлением проектами глядя на слова, используемые для описания временной шкалы проекта. Сначала мы услышим небольшую статью, представляющую тему, а затем подробно рассмотрим каждое слово с некоторыми примерами предложений, чтобы показать, как вы можете использовать слова. В конце видео у вас будет возможность проверить свой новый словарный запас..

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7 thoughts on “VV 08 – Словарь по управлению проектами (Часть 2)”

  1. Nice,

    Videos explaining Project Management terms. It seems there was a lot of work put in these videos to make them this professional (I can hear at least 3 personsvoices).

    Take a look at the Project Management Dictionary for the definition of nearly all Project Management terms.

  2. it is great. The downside of it is that there is not an Ipod downloadable version of it as you made for the earlier version (n.1). I tried to download it but Ipod does not allow it so I cannot have a dedicated section of the P.M terms to listen to. Can you maybe make an audio MP3 as part one? Thanks and keep on this way. I am listenting to you constantly. Thanks.

  3. Typos fixed Diana, thanks for pointing this out ;)

    Marco, you’ll be able to download an MP3 version for VV 08 from the Learning Center pages later this week. You can use iTunes ‘playlistfeature to quickly make a dedicated list of all the podcast (or which ones you choose) related to projects. A simple video tutorial on how to do this is available on Apple’s website here:
    http://www.apple.com/itunes/tutorials/ (select ‘Playlistfrom the options on the right)

    [Наконечник: you can listen to this tutorial in your own language by adding the two-letter code for the language you want between theapple.com/” и “itunes/tutorials/in the above URL (т.е.. “frfor French, “itfor italian, и т.п.).

    Below is an example for German language:
    http://www.apple.com/de/itunes/tutorials/ ]

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  6. this is the most important website I have ever seen. thank you very much. I hope through this website my english can be improved.

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