925 English Lesson 26 – Making and Responding to Suggestions

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In today’s 925 English video lesson, we’re going to learn how to make and respond to suggestions in English.

In work situations, people are continually making suggestions. It could be about something simple, like where to go for lunch. Or it could be about a complex problem, like how to increase sales. You might make a suggestion in English to one person, or to a whole group of people in a meeting.

Making a suggestion means stating one possible option. And that’s why we often use a question to make a suggestion, such as “What about” or “Have you tried.” And with these expressions, you have to use the -ing form of the verb, such as “What about asking our manager?” But there are other expressions that just use the base form of the verb, without adding -ing. The expressions “Why don’t we” and “Let’s” both work in this way. For example, we might say “Why don’t we go to Spain?”

925 English is a course of business English video lessons for beginners (CEFR level A2) English learners. With 925 English lessons you can learn business English expressions to use in work and business.

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