BEP 297 – English Idioms for Describing Work Experience (2)

Business English Pod 297 Lesson - English Idioms for Describing Work Experience 2

Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on English idioms for describing work experience.

In business, success depends on putting the right people in the right positions. And decisions about who does what often comes down to work experience. Some jobs are too important to give to someone lacking experience. For other jobs, you might want a person with less experience and a fresh approach.

So, whether you’re hiring new staff, delegating tasks, or putting together a project team, you’ll be talking about experience. And English has many useful idioms to describe work experience. In today’s lesson, we’ll learn some of these expressions.

We’ll hear a conversation between three colleagues: Lola, Shane, and Anne. The group has been discussing who to send to the company’s South Korean office. Previously, they have talked about the personality of the different candidates. Now they’re comparing the candidates based on work experience.

Listening Questions

1. Why do Shane and Anne think Douglas wouldn’t be a good choice for the position?
2. What does the group think about Paula as a possible choice?
3. Why would Kendra be a good choice for the post in South Korea?

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