BEP 251 – English Idioms of Choice (Part 1)

Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on English idioms related to choices and their consequences.

We all love choice. Whether we’re buying something, deciding on a career, hiring a new employee, outsourcing operations, or looking for a new office location, we like a range of options to choose from. And the less choice we have, the more powerless we feel. Just imagine if you had no choice in life and business.

But this isn’t to say that choice is easy. On the contrary, life and work are full of really tough choices. In fact, we spend a lot of each day thinking, discussing, and arguing about decisions. And for this reason, English has lots of great idioms for talking about choices. Today we’ll look at some of these idioms and how to use them.

You will hear a conversation between three friends, Harry, Wendy, and Thomas. Harry has been planning to open a new store and he’s had some trouble with the contractor he hired to do the construction. He is now faced with some tough choices about how to get the work finished so he and his partner can open their new store. In their conversation, you will hear many idioms related to choice.

Listening Questions

1. What did Harry think about the contractors when he hired them?
2. What does Thomas think about Harry’s decision?
3. Besides going to court, what other option does Harry say he has?

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