BEP 248 – Socializing with Strangers (2)

Travel English Socializing

Welcome back to Business English Pod for today’s lesson on socializing with strangers.

Imagine you’re on an airplane during a flight across the Pacific. You have to spend several hours seated right beside another person. You want to be friendly and perhaps find out what this person does and who this person is. So you turn to him or her and open your mouth to speak.

And what do you say? How do you start a conversation and then keep it going? Well, in any kind of travel situation it is useful to know some common topics and techniques. Today, we’ll look at asking a person about their destination and their purpose for traveling. We’ll also learn how to invite detail by echoing, identify a point of intersection, and summarize your work.

In the dialog, we’ll join Connie and Scott, who are sitting beside each other on a flight to Hong Kong. Connie starts up a conversation with Scott and uses many common and simple, though not always easy, ways of making small talk with strangers in a travel situation.

Listening Questions

1. What is the purpose of Scott’s trip?
2. What do Scott and Connie find they have in common?
3. What kind of work does Connie do?

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