BEN 16 – The Mobile Learning Revolution

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Not long ago, learning was different. It occurred in a classroom furnished with just the basics – a chalkboard and chalk, textbooks, pen and paper, the students and the teacher. Now, thanks to mobile learning (or mLearning), we’re in the midst of a paradigm shift in the way people learn.

Do you think mobile learning is the future? We’d love to hear what kind of experiences you’ve had with mLearning. You can share your thoughts in the comments section below or answer the question poll on our Facebook page.

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3 thoughts on “BEN 16 – The Mobile Learning Revolution”

  1. Josiette BOSCH

    Hello ! I’m Josiette from France. It’s very interesting. I use every day my mobile phone in order to learn english or others training. ITUNE U is very important to discover any University through the world.
    I congratulate you for the excellent work offer by business english. There are a lot of good materials to improve my english. Thank you of all.

  2. Hi Josiette… Thanks for the nice comments, and we’re glad that you find these materials so useful.

    I know for me, personally, I use my mobile/mp3 for some Italian learning, and my iPad helps me stay informed on a lot of the financial language and topics that I need to understand for my lessons.

    Are there some specific courses or universities that you’ve followed with iTunes U?

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