Skills 360 – Dealing with Problem People (Part 2)

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We’ve been looking at how to deal with problem people. These are the people in your office that drive you nuts because they’re so difficult to get along with. Last week we talked about how to deal with specific incidents. Today, we’re talking about ongoing issues.

This is about the constant thorn in your side, whether it’s your colleague, your boss, or the IT guy that gets annoyed every time you ask for some information. In extreme cases, these people can make you dread going to work each day. So how can we deal with them?

Discussion Questions

1. Have you had to deal with a co-worker who caused you continual problems?
2. At what point do you think you should involve a supervisor when you have a problem with a colleague or co-worker?
3. Do you naturally discuss problems openly or do you tend to keep things in?

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