Skills 360 – Dealing with Problem People (Part 1)

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The New Year is a really important time for most people. For one thing, we use it as a time for setting goals. And if you want some help doing that, be sure to check out the Skills 360 podcast on achieving your goals. The New Year is also a time when we feel refreshed and optimistic about the future. It’s a brand new start, right? Unfortunately, that feeling is not shared by everyone. You might go to the office in the New Year with a smile on your face, but there are people who seem determined to wipe it off. I’m talking about problem people.

Discussion Questions

1. What types of people do you find difficult to deal with at work?
2. How do you usually deal with people who are rude or uncooperative?
3. Have you ever wanted to change jobs because of someone you didn’t get along with?

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