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We’ve got a great lesson today on making the most of personal learning. We’ll start by looking at setting SMART goals and personalizing your studies with a personal learning plan. We’ll also look at how you can vary your input by using a variety of sources and study what is interesting and relevant to both you and your job.

Discussion Questions

1. What are the different things you do to study or practice English?
2. What aspect of English would you most like to improve?
3. What do you find are the best online resources for studying English?

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4 thoughts on “Skills 360 – Making the Most of Personal Learning 1”

  1. This personal learning plan is right up my alley. And I will surely take it up a notch so that I don’t need to jog my memory again and again. It will surely hone my writing skills .

  2. For me the most difficult part is find somebody to speak with in my country… and that is very important in my personal learning plan…

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