Skills 360 – Telephone English Tips (Part 2)

Welcome back to the Skills 360 podcast.

Communicating effectively on the phone is an essential skill. And whether you’re talking to a client, a colleague, a supplier, your boss, or a bicycle courier, you need to make sure your purpose and the information is clear. Last week, we focused on your telephone attitude. Today, we’ll look at ways you can make sure information is flowing smoothly and that you are guiding the conversation.

Discussion Questions

1. How much planning do you usually do before an important telephone call?
2. What do you usually do when you don’t understand what someone is trying to say on the telephone?
3. What information do you normally include when you leave a message for someone?

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8 thoughts on “Skills 360 – Telephone English Tips (Part 2)”

  1. hello, people!
    My name is Rosa iam from Angola/Luanda
    iam new one and really enjoy all the lessons here.thanks so much for giving us this fantastic websit.

  2. hi, I am Ellen who from China and now i am living in US. I need to learn english so I came here, this is great website, i like it so much… thank you

  3. I’ve been looking for this kind of website long ago. It’s a shame to find it later but it helps a lot and it’s great!!!
    I look forward to learning from you and my advance gratitude to all the staffs.

    more power, blessings and episodes to come!

  4. Hi , I am export manager of a Chinese factory, I have been dealing with export business for 7 years, and i learned a lot from this website, thanks so much!

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