BEP 169 – Interview in English for your First Job (3)

BEP 169 - english interview

Welcome back to Business English Pod for this business English lesson, the last of a three-part series on English Interviews for your first job.

When you’re in an interview in English, everything is focused on you – your education, your skills, and the qualities that make you the best candidate for the job. But it’s also important for you to focus on the company you’re interviewing with. After all, you’re interviewing for more than a job. You’re interviewing for a spot on the company team. Employers want to know how you’ll fit in with the office culture and see if your values are consistent with theirs.

In this episode, we’ll talk about ways to show you’ve researched the company. We’ll also cover language to show you’re a good fit and for discussing your long-term career goals. Finally, we’ll look at ways the company might explain next steps in the hiring process.

Once again, we’ll join Owen, who is interviewing for a test engineer position at a company called IBH. He’s in the middle of a panel interview with Erica and Cindy, two HR reps, and George, who’s the head of engineering. Today, the interview wraps up.

Listening Questions

1. Why is Owen interested in working for IBH?
2. What does Owen say about collaborative spirit?
3. What is one of Owen’s long-term career objectives?

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