BEP 101e – Presentations: Introducing your Presentation

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Making your Introduction is a preview of our upcoming audio / ebook on presentations skills and language. In this first chapter we take a look at how to make a good start as well as at the overall structure of a presentation. This recording is a re-edited and extended version of one of our earliest podcasts – BEP 101. The ebook will have nine units, including four never released lessons on describing charts and trends, using your voice and emphasizing your message.

Is giving presentations important to you career? For most of us, the answer is yes. Presenting our products, success stories, challenges and solutions – this is the heart of business communication, where money is often made or lost. And, in today’s globalizing business environment, we are increasingly called to give presentations in English.

Presenting for Success is a comprehensive study guide to the language and skills you need to give presentations in English more fluently, more confidently and more successfully. Learn on the go with over 3-hours of audio lessons, review key language with the detailed 120-page study guide, including full transcripts of each lesson, and practice useful phrases with the over 100 online quizzes.

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  1. The Website is an extremely useful tool to use both as a foundation for a Business communication course design and and for planning separate lessons. Besides, it’s simply great pleasure to work with it.

    Thank you!

    Regina Kuzmenkova
    ESL Instructor,
    California State University East Bay,
    American Language Program

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  5. this is the best website to learn English I have ever found! very useful for guys whose First language is not English and who have to use English everyday in work. help me a lot.

    BTW, the speaker’s English is very clear and beautiful. acctaully , I could not quiet understand my customers well in dialy work because they are from diffrent conutries with diffrent accents, it is difficult for me whose first language is not English. are there materials here associating the diffrent accrents learning?


  6. @Brumaire
    You raise an excellent point. And one that is rapidly growing in importance with the global use of English for business communication. We’ve previously thought about producing lessons with non-native speakers but didn’t pursue the idea as we felt it could distract from the language focus of the lessons (the only BEP podcasts to date that feature a non-native speaker are BEP 25 & 26). But there are other approaches we could use to introduce a wider variety of accents, and it about time we looked at this idea again.

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