BEP 144 – Meetings: English for Teleconferences (2)

English for Teleconference Meetings 1

This is the second of a two-part Business English lesson on English for teleconferences.

Teleconferences allow people from different locations to have a meeting over the telephone. While convenient, teleconferences do have some issues to keep in mind, such as keeping track of who’s talking. Sometimes two people talk at the same time or talk too quickly. Because participants can’t see each other, it’s helpful to use “signposts” or short statements that prepare others for what’s about to be said. Other issues such as laying out an agenda and managing the time also come into play.

In the last episode, we heard a conversation between Craig and Elsa, two employees at StarCom, an electronics manufacturer. Craig has his first teleconference coming up and Elsa gave him an informal tutorial, teaching him about the equipment and some of the protocols for a teleconference.

Today, Craig is participating in the teleconference. The host of the teleconference is Tony, a manager in Chicago. Also participating are Diana, a colleague in London, and JP, who works in Marketing at the Dallas location. They’re discussing the upcoming holiday season, new product lines, and advertising.

Listening Questions

1) How does JP help Craig with the agenda?
2) According to Diana, why were the printer test results disappointing?
3) Why doesn’t Diana think the problem will be resolved quickly?

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  1. I can’t catch the bellowing sentence, please advise. ” Good point sir, but let (?) that for next meeting”. Thanks.

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