BEP 143 – Meetings: English for Teleconferences (1)

English for Teleconference Meetings 1

This is the first in a two-part Business English Pod series on teleconferences – meetings that take place over the phone.

Nowadays, we have virtual teams interacting across the globe in virtual meetings without having to leave the office. Teleconferences offer a host of advantages, including minimal travel and meetings costs.

However, teleconferences do have their challenges, especially since participants cannot see each other. It’s helpful for people to introduce themselves, use their names and their colleague’s names when speaking, minimize background noise, and speak slowly and clearly. In these two episodes, we’ll learn vocabulary associated with teleconferences. We’ll also learn ways to professionally and tactfully handle any issues that come up.

Today, we’ll listen to Craig and Elsa. Craig is a new hire at StarCom, a computer and printer manufacturer. He’s fresh from university and needs to learn how to do a teleconference, so he asks for help from Elsa, who works in HR.

Listening Questions

1) What types of equipment are needed for a teleconference?
2) What is the purpose of a passcode?
3) What are three problems Elsa mentions that can often occur during a teleconference?

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