Revised e-Book for Business Meetings in English

Business English for Meetings eBookThis is a preview of our revised e-Book for business meetings: Meeting Essentials for Business English.

Business English Pod e-Books enable you to learn on the go with MP3 audio lessons and the detailed PDF study guides, including a full transcript of each lesson. The revised editions include over 100 online Flash quizzes, exercises and flashcards designed to help you practice and use all the language covered in the course.

Click the launch button below to start the online quizzes for Unit 210 – Managing the Discussion:


You can purchase the complete e-book by clicking the button below:

2 thoughts on “Revised e-Book for Business Meetings in English”

  1. The content and practice of online quizzes looks good. Can I expect online practice will be available for all other topics in similar format with same quailty, after I registered as premium member?

  2. @ Samuel
    We have online activities for every podcast from BEP 27 onwards. Activities for some of the older podcasts are in HTML format but most of the essential topics (meetings, negotiations, interviews, and soon presentations) have been republished in the new Flash format as used for BEP 120. After we finish with presentations (likely in early August), we’ll continue with travel and telephoning, and then the more specialized topics such as sales and persuasion. At the moment we have approximately 500 quizzes in the new Flash format and 800 quizzes in HTML. Members have access to both types of quiz.

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