BEP 97 – Talking about the Economy

In this Business English Podcast lesson, we’ll be studying some phrases and vocabulary that you can use to discuss the economy and economic issues, including voicing and reassuring concerns.


No deal gets made, no contract gets signed, no business gets done just between two people or two companies. Everything occurs against the background of networks of relationships on the local, regional, and global scales. These relationships of price and production form what’s called “the economy.” People who study the economy – economists – like to point out, for example, that the price of soybeans in Brazil can affect the price of meat in China. It’s no wonder, then, that a favorite activity of business people everywhere is talking about the economy. Only by understanding the economic environment in which we do business can we operate effectively in it.

The dialog today takes place at Kendal Marcus, a global retailer of up market clothing and accessories. A retailer sells goods to the end customer; accessories are things like jewelry and belts which go along with or “accessorize” clothing. During a trip to Shanghai, Martin, a VP at Kendal’s, is visiting Tony Wu, country manager for China.

Listening Questions:

1) Why has Martin come to China?
2) Is Tony optimistic about the economic outlook, that is the future, in China?
3) What kind of concerns does Martin have?
4) How does Tony reassure him?

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  1. Thanks for POD, I come from China, I’m very appreciated to you, not only the business training, but also the solicitude from you, thanks!

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