BEP 91 – Interview English: Asking the Interviewer Questions

BEP 91 - Interview English: Asking the Interviewer Questions

There is one question that you will definitely be asked in any job interview, a question for which you should always prepare a response. That is: “Do you have any questions for me?”

In this Business English lesson, we will focus on how to deal with this question. We’ll talk about what interviewers expect from you and we’ll emphasize the importance of preparation. We’ll also study how you can use this opportunity to “interview the interviewer” – that is, to find out whether the company is a good fit for you. Meanwhile, we’ll talk about how, for the interviewer, this is a chance to put your company in the best possible light.

In the listening, we will return to Yala Santos’ interview. Remember, she is an HR specialist at a manufacturing company who is interviewing for an HR manager position in a business unit of a fast moving consumer goods company, Fun Beverages International.

Listening Questions:

1. What is Yala’s first question for the interviewer?
2. How does the interviewer respond?
3. Yala’s second question is a little tougher – what does she ask?

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