BEP 89 – Telephoning: Making Arrangements

In this Business English Podcast lesson we’re going to look at useful language for handling the practical details of a business visit, such as airport pickup and restaurant or hotel booking. And we’ll also practice ways to create and maintain goodwill by demonstrating flexibility and responding politely on the phone.

Viva is an Italian fashion company. Viva representatives Marco and Francesca are preparing to attend a fashion expo in Las Vegas with their American distributor, Foxtrot. A fashion expo, or exposition, is a kind of trade show or conference in which potential buyers look at manufacturers’ goods.

In the dialog Marco is calling his contact Adriana at Foxtrot to discuss the details of the visit. As you listen try to answer the following questions.

Listening Questions

1) What information does Adriana get from Marco?
2) What does Marco need help with?
3) Does Marco have any special requirements for the hotel?
4) What kind of food does Marco hope to eat?

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