BEP 54 – Customer Service: Handling Complaints 2: Resolving the Complaint

This is the second in a two-part Business English Podcast series on handling angry customers on the telephone. In today’s show we’ll be looking at how to resolve the customer’s complaint.

First a quick review: In part one we learned the first three steps for calming down angry customers and dealing with their complaints: First, we need to acknowledge their emotions by showing empathy. Second, we should identify the background to their problem so that we can take the right steps to fix it. And third, we should listen actively to show them that we care.

Where we left off last time, Sandy, a service associate at the front desk of the Majestic Hotel, had just finished identifying Steve’s problem. Let’s continue listening to see how Sandy resolves the complaint.

Listening Questions

1) How does Sandy show that he is actively listening to Steve?
2) What does Steve need?
3) What steps does Sandy take to ensure that Steve is satisfied with the outcome of the call?

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7 thoughts on “BEP 54 – Customer Service: Handling Complaints 2: Resolving the Complaint”

  1. Í wonder if I´ll be able to download the audios and the activities to my notebook so that I can teach my in-company students offline, not connected to the net.

  2. All the podcasts can be downloaded as MP3 files directly from the BEP site or using free software such as iTunes or Juice.

    The activities can’t be downloaded but you should be able to display them offline on your laptop by simply loading each page separately and keeping the pages open. The functionality of the activities will not be affected (i.e. answers can be scored). You’d also need to play any audio files in the exercises before you go offline. As long as you don’t close the page, both the audio and exercise should work fine offline.

  3. I am an student from Columbia university and love this Podcast. I have listened many of your lessons and will be coming more regular.Thank you.

  4. Valerie Babington

    Good Podcast. Yes, three steps necessary for resolving a complaint to the customers satisfaction.
    1. Listen with empathy
    2. Clarify problem, ask customer to listen to your understanding to make sure you have got it right.
    3. Offer up various solutions and let the customer be actively involved in selecting the solution that suits him/her best.

    This should resolve the complaint very well indeed!

  5. 1. He has repeated all request of customwer with very calm and polite tone.
    2. Steve need to change his uncomfortable and freezing room.
    3. The Staff has given choice for customer and a complementary product like cup of tea and good variaty of room which was aprorpiate for him.

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